Winner of the Irish Landscape Institute Residential Garden & Private Space Award 2018

Garden / Landscape Consultation

This will start with a site visit to discuss landscape requirements and to carry out preliminary site inspection. 

Initial advise regarding possible landscape services and other professional services (as required). 

I will then prepare a Design Fee Proposal. 


Garden / Landscape Design Proposals

A comprehensive site survey will be carried out, followed by the formulation of client brief. 

Following assessment of the site and survey drawings, outline Design Proposals will form the basis for further discussion. 

These Presentation Drawings will show developed design and will indicate suggested material and planting proposals along with an indication of budget required for implementation.  


Hard Landscape Drawings

Setting Out Plans, Construction Details, Lighting Plans, Drainage and Irrigation Plans if required. All for the purpose of inviting tenders for pricing.


Planting / Soft Landscape Drawings

Name of each plant along with number, size at planting, spacing and positioning of these plants. All for the purpose of inviting tenders for pricing.